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What Are The Most Beautiful Places In Australia

7 Unique Destinations for the Curious Explorer in Australia

There are wide and diverse places in Australia that many travelers are yet to explore or have not been discovered at all. This is a continent adrift in the sea. Wherever you go, there are splendid sights from geology records, artifacts, and excitement that will set your heart ablaze. Explore the highlights of Australian history, geography, and culture on this list of some the most beautiful places in Australia

Undara Lava Tubes: M Thaalis: A Journey Through Time

Imagine a region that has been hidden from human eyes and has not seen the light of day for thousands of years deep down in the earth under theจำก桃験National Park. These tubes commonly referred to as the Undara Lava Tubes. Its is a geologically balanced marvel of nature found in Queensland in Australia. These caves are estimated to be about 190,000 years old. Created when molten lava emerged from an extinct volcano. And pooled in the ground before flowing out hollow leaving behind the characteristic usable hallways.

Exploring the Undara Lava Tubes is like traveling back in time and witnessing the place’s rich history and geology of Australia. Never mind, for with guided tours aplenty, you can meander through these subterranean wonders here and hear tales of the resplendent stalagmites, stalactites. A grand lava pillars that speckle the tunnel walls. It is important to notice that this area cannot only be described by rocks, the place is also extraordinary due to the fauna. Living in these tubes are bats and frogs and all forms of insects; a kind of naturalistic view of geology and biology.

Night tours give you a possibility to see the semi-luminescent glow worms. That also inhabit the Undara Lava Tubes. Externally you can dine in a setting that imitates a rainforest and includes a common inviting feature, the free food, in the form of a picnic session. .

Coober Pedy: Where Opals and Desert Dwellings Meet

Coober Pedy is an unusual town located in the northern part of South Australia, approximately 850 km north of Adelaide. Also known as the ‘opal capital of the world,’ it was established in 1915 during the height of the gold rush. Still, it did not take long for opal mining to grab the attention of everyone out there! It had become the town’s main gig by the 1920s.

But Coober Pedy is not all about opals only. What makes this tiny town stand out even more is what they did about the scorching heat in the desert. This place becomes extremely hot during summer, with temperatures often rising above 35 degrees Celsius. That is why they came up with one cool idea (literally and not only in terms of their pun) . Underground living !Some residents carry ‘dugouts’ as their home and it is possible to spend the night in one when touring. These are indeed charming little caves dug into the slopes with the hills as a natural means of escaping the heat.

One of the real attractions here is the Serbian Orthodox Church, an underground wonder. If you are fortunate enough to travel on the Ghana – a luxury train that travels between Adelaide and Darwin – you can disembark at Coober Pedy, the town in which this story takes place.

Pilliga Forest: An Australian Treasure The Most Beautiful Places In Australia

Stretching across 5,000 square kilo meters, Pilliga Forest is the largest forest in New South Wales and is located in the inland central part of the state. It features a variety of flora with about 900 plant species and at least 280 animal species. Just imagine koalas, kangaroos, emus and a lot of bright birds flying in the sky. And while many of these critters, such as the tiny eastern pygmy possum, the spectacular regent honeyeater, and Australia’s favorite, the koala, could use a helping hand and a leg up.

This is where adventurous tourists or anyone interested in experiencing the ‘real’ Australia can find Pilliga Forest. This is also an opportunity to stay in your luxury motorhome in Sydney, do some walking, bird watching and take as many pictures as you want. However, this particular forest does have certain sites, which are significant for our First Nation peoples. During the visit one can get information regarding the details of the forest and the plants and animals that are found within the Pilliga Forest by visiting the Pilliga Forest Discovery Centre.

Lake Tyrrell: Whale Song: Where Victoria Meets the Sky

Situated in the northwest of Victoria state, Lake Tyrrell is not to be confused with other lakes that are common in the region. To Australians, it is known as a giant salt pan but it is actually a realm between the sky and ground. It is named after the Wergaia word for ‘sky,’ and that tells you how singular those pieces are. NO doubt one of most beautiful places in Australia.

The best time of the year is when the lake is dry most of the time having a shiny salt-like crust on the ground. But that only means that when the skies open up and pour in buckets, something special happens. The lake receives just a thin layer of water, which actually turns the water into glass, reflecting the sky above. It’s a photographer’s dream. Another feature that makes Lake Tyrrell an interesting and relevant place from the ecological point of view is that it is also a nesting place for seagulls.

During your visit, you can take a relaxed Stroll over the salt layer ensuring that one does not stray too far because some parts of the surface would have hardened into a somewhat slippery consistency. It is during sunrise and at sunset when one is likely to take the best shots of the lake. For those of you who like driving and have time to spare, drive along the bank of the lake to have a feel of the beauty. For this route, organize a campervan hire Melbourne to Lake Tyrell and spend a night in the campsite. This is your perfect opportunity to marvel at the starry night and star gazing while accompanied by exotic such as emus and kangaroos!

Roebuck Bay: Nature’s Stairway to the Moon

The Kimberley region of Western Australia has a very special coastal gem that goes by the name of Roebuck Bay, located near Broome. It is a coastal area where the deep blue sea touches the sandy beach. Therefore, one can swim in the sea. The bay also supports a dynamic marine life in the form of dolphins, turtles and dugong. Its really one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

While these things are great, there are even better reasons why one should visit Roebuck Bay. The “Staircase to the Moon” is another fascinating feature at Roebuck Bay, which occurs only during clear nights when a full moon rises behind the exposed tidal flats of the bay.

Port Arthur: Tasmania: A Journey into Australia’s Dark Past The Most Beautiful Places In Australia

If you fancy getting a glimpse of Australia’s dark past then do not hesitate to visit Port Arthur. This small town is situated on the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania and is approximately 100 kilometers southeast of Hobart – the state capital – and was an infamous convict station. Founded in 1830, it served as a prison for some of the most dangerous convicts of the British Empire. By the 1850s it had become the largest penal colony in the world. Convicts worked under very inhuman conditions. And they received very inhuman treatments like being lashed with the cat of nine tails.

Despite having its dark image, Port Arthur was one of the places that contributed immensely to the development of Tasmania. Roads, bridges, and buildings that were built by the convicts are still visible today. Since the convict settlement closed in 1877 Port Arthur has become a tourist attraction which it remains to this day. The core of the town is the Port Arthur Historic Site where you can explore the ruins and the buildings that have been restored.

Devils Marbles: They are Completely Entwined, but: The Sacred Rock

The Devils Marbles which is also called Karlu Karlu the most beautiful places in Australia . There is a numerous big stones located at the southern part of the Northern territory of Australia. In a location commonly referred to as the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, about hundred kilometers from the town of Tennant Creek. These V-shaped pillars have stood for more than 500 million years, formed when a giant mass of granite was emplaced deep underwater. However, aside from their geological use. The Devils Marbles have archeological, and cultural and spiritual relevance particularly to the Warungu Aboriginals. These aboriginal people have been living in this area for several thousands of years. They still think that these stones are in fact the eggs of the Rainbow Serpent – a powerful totem and a character from the local mythology.

Exploring the Devils Marbles is easy since this natural attraction has many sites. That will take anyone who visits through an engaging experience. One of the activities you can opt to indulge in when in the reserve is nature walks. There are several trails available based on the strenuousness of the walk. There is a sealed road for those who like to travel by car rather than by foot. As well as there are unsealed roads for those who have no fear of the unknown and want to get close to nature. Before proceeding further, it is advisable to drop by the Devils Marbles Visitor Centre to get acquainted with the history, geology, and other more aspects relating to the place. To get more information and for more intense experience one can go for guided tours that are conducted by expert tour guides. And explain the rich and spiritual experiences that is this place. Exceptionally startling, either geologically or culturally, the Devils Marbles in the middle of the Australian landscape is a must-see for all.

As is well known, Australia is an extensive country that has much to offer to the enthusiasts of offbeat travel. Discover them and let your imagination lead you to an exciting journey with the most engaging points. Explore more travel destinations in the world.

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